A factor service specialising in retirement communities

JohnSon & Co Retirement Factor’s mission is to deliver the highest level of service to retirement communities, at a cost that is affordable.


You’ve worked hard all your life, raised your family, and now it is your own time. We want to make that as carefree for you as possible.
Our vision is to enable retired people to enjoy this phase of life after contributing to society for so many years. We can bring this to reality through our mission of providing you the highest level of factor service at a price that’s affordable.


We make the difference by providing the service you need, to the highest of standards, but at a greatly reduced cost.

To provide a full range of services that can be tailored to your community we partner with companies local to you creating a high-quality service but in the most cost-efficient way. In turn your community then becomes an integral part of the local economy. We develop an open and communicative environment to ensure we understand your needs. We view the residents of the communities we work with as partners, not clients. This allows us to engage with each other in a more open, honest and productive way.